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Dongguan Youli Electronic Technology Limited, which was established in May, 2010, mainly engaged in lithium iron phosphate batteries, energy storage battery packs, portable power supplies, providing new energy battery products related to home solar energy storage and outdoor electrical power supply responding to the national goal of achieving carbon neutrality, reducing carbon emissions and bringing green new energy to the world.





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Youli Electronic Technology

  • BESS Provider
    BESS Provider
    As a dedicated battery energy storage system (BESS) provider,Youli is consolidating years of expertise in electrochemistry, power electronics and system integration to deliver reliable energy storage solutions globally.
  • Certification
    The enterprise has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, and our products are also certified by UL, CE, UN38.3, RoHS, IEC series and other international certifications.
  • Global Sales
    Global Sales
    YOULI designs, manufactures and sells industry leading solar products to more than 160 countries through a global sales network spanning over 2000+ sales and installation partners.

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